I found out about FFR when I heard them interviewed on the radio. I kept repeating their name to myself so I could look them up when I got home. I'm so glad I did! I wanted to see if having a dog in my appointments with my new psychiatrist would help me deal with my anxiety and to bolster my courage to advocate for myself. My case manager thought having FFR involved would be greatly beneficial for me. When we contacted FFR, they even asked if I had preferences for a certain breed or personality. I was really happy to be able to choose to work with a pit bull, Ami.

As it happens, it was a good thing Ami was there! I had a major meltdown in my first appointment! Ami was resting against me and supporting me when my doctor unknowingly triggered me. Instead of being afraid, Ami stood up and began licking my face; and I buried my head in him and I calmed down. It was still hard to finish the appointment, but I felt like Ami had my back! Even if my doctor didn't understand me, Ami did. Now that we've had a few appointments together, I don't feel nearly as anxious about them because I know Ami will be there to help me.

Tricia Hogan