Alex Kuhn

Furry Friends Recovery is an amazing dog therapy place for anyone who is dealing with stress. The Dogs they have a so welly trained that they will not bite you or hurt you in any way. The dogs are SO CUTE! Any one who likes the job should sign up because they are so nice and wonderful. I really like one of the workers there who trains the dog. Her name is Trisha. She is so nice and care giving. I love her a lot. How I met Furry Friends Recovery. I met them in a hospital gateway hospital. and i loved how they helped me it was amazing. this is a place that will make you happy and relieve all your stress.My name is Alex and i was a patient there at the hospital a few times and it helped me a lot.Thank you Furry Friends Recovery you made me happy.

P.S. for Trisha my favorite trainer. Thank you so much for helping me.and by the way Jet is better than all the dogs. and before i go i hope pastas doing better by everyone

Tricia Hogan