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Certification Process
A Furry Friends Recovery Certified Therapy Dog Team consists of one person and one dog.  Handlers must be at least 18 years old.  It is strongly recommended that you take a minimum of 6 months to bond with any dog and become familiar its personality and confidence in different settings before beginning the process of becoming a certified therapy dog team. Wolf or Coyote hybrids cannot be certified as our insurance does not cover them.

Each handler may only bring one dog per visit even if you are certified with multiple dogs. Anyone who will be handling the dog on visits must be certified with that dog.  An additional handler for a therapy dog must complete the entire certification process, including the required number of supervised visits.

Training Checklist

  • Complete Volunteer Application
  • Sign FFR Regulations Form
  • Attend Training Class
  • Dog must complete Temperament Evaluation
  • Provide Vet records
  • Provide Proof of CGC
  • Observation Visit (Group or Individual)
  • Supervised Visit (Individual)
  • Supervised Visit (Group)


 Noon-6Pm at Dog Sports at Kim's in Caseyville, IL

​to register email furryfriendsrecovery@gmail.com

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